Be it humans or pets, having a clean nail and a trimmed one is essential. However, in pets it is highly essential because sharp nails can harm people who are around them. It does not only harm people around them. Sometimes it also harms themselves and their belongings like beds and mats. So, it is highly important to maintain smooth nails. For that nail clippers are essential. In the list of many nail clippers, it is highly tough to choose the best. So, we have made an effort to look for various products and finally we have brought out few best nail clippers for dachshunds. Before knowing the best ones, there are few things to consider before buying any type of clippers. They are as follows.

Things to consider:

When it comes to nail clippers, all the things are to be considered. Some of the important things are:

Sound and vibration:

One major thing to consider while purchasing nail clippers for our pets are sound and vibration that the instrument gives. That may annoy our pet and sometimes they may hate it and hence avoid them. It is good if the product does not produce any sound or vibration so that our pets feel comfortable.


The instruments must be adjustable. In case if it is not going to be adjustable, then it is not going to be a good option.


Among the other features this is something more important to consider. We have to look if the nail clipper is appealing in appearance. If it is going to be stranger the pets may not like them.

These are some of the things to consider before buying a nail clipper for dachshunds. Now it is the time to look for some of the best nail clippers. As every coin has two sides, let us even look for the pros and cons of each product that we discuss.

Best Nail Clippers for Dachshunds 2021

1. Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper

This product is one of the best professional nail clippers that is from the house of EPICA. A gentle press of the clipper is all that we have to do to trim our pet’s nail. With this easy nail clipper our process of maintaining our pet’s nails become easier.


  • This is the best nail clipper.
  • The curved design of the clipper point gives accurate cut of the nails.
  • It has no harming areas that could harm our pets.
  • The product has also a good lock system to lock when not in use.
  • The product is made with rubber handles to give a good grip.
  • This produces no sound or vibration that could frighten either you or your pet.
  • If it is used carefully, 100% lifetime warranty is assured.


  • Make sure you use this to nails of medium aged breeds. If the nails are too hard, then the handle may break.

2. Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals 

This is from shiny store. This product is especially designed for small breeds. It is designed as a scissor that gives out no sound or vibration. It has also got a curved blade so that it trims our pet’s nail more precisely. The blades are made with stainless steel so that it does not get rusted when used in wet legs.


  • Sturdy handle for grip.
  • The handle has finger rests which makes it easier to use.
  • A single cut makes it easy.  


  • This product can be used only for small breeds. In case if you are going to use it for big breeds then it will break.

3.Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer for Dogs

This is from the house of coastal pet store. The colour of the handle is green. The clips are made of stainless steel. So, there is no problem of rusting. Even this has got locking system that can be used when not in use. This product has vinyl covered handle. The curved ends of the clip make the trimming more precise.


  • The handle is very grip to sturdy holding.
  • No vibration or sound
  • Sharp and precise trimming.


  • This is suitable for medium sized breed.
  • The handle quality can be improved.
  • In case, if you use this in big breeds, you may get resulted in cracks as they don’t fit there.

4. Resco USA-Made Deluxe Dog Clippers

This Product is made in USA and it is from the house of Resco store. This is a guillotine style nail trimmer. the blade style of this product is patented. You can just replace the blades of the trimmer rather than purchasing new trimmer. This is recommended by vets. It has also got good handle for good performance.


  • It has got variants in colours.
  • Patented blade technology.
  • Sturdy plastic handle for grip.
  • It has got different size fits that fit our pet’s age.


  • Their patented blade technology is good. But many feel uncomfortable to adopt to it as it is bit tough to change.
  • Sometimes this may cause a rough cut.

5. Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

This is an electric tool used to trim our pet’s nails. It has got nickel cadmium battery. There are two rotations speed variants that are available. They are 10,000 and 20,000 rpm. The battery is removable that stands for 3 hours. It has also got a LED indicator that show if the instrument is fully charged or not. It comes with 15 more tools.


  • It helps in grinding, shaping and 15 more tools.
  • Battery indicator
  • No vibration and sound are produced while using this machine.


  • Someone who is having the knowledge of using electrical machine can use this product well. But someone who is unaware of using such equipment’s will not be resulted well. That may harm our pets accidentally.

6. Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder by BulbHead

This is form the house of pedipaws. This is also an electrical product which requires 2c batteries. This moves around the layers of nails. This product is a newest and fastest working equipment that can help us trim our pet’s nail easily.


  • Electrical equipment
  • Trims easily
  • Fastest trimmer.


  • When this product is used, it produces slight amount of sound. This may slightly annoy us. When there are certain equipment’s that do not produce sound, this is bit disappointing.

7. GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with 1 Nail File, Orange / Black

This is from the house of GoPets store. This is designed for both small and large breeds. this is made with 3.5mm thick stainless steel. They also guarantee for good cuts and also safe trimming. As this is non electrical material it has no sound or vibration.


  • Sharp clips for precise cuts.
  • Ergonomic non slippery handles that give good grip is used in this product.


  • Although it is designed for large breeds, sometimes they get locked when thick nails are cut.

8. Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip, Large

This product is from the house of Millers forge. This is specially designed for large breeds. it has got a sturdy handle and it is quite easy to use this. This is a non-electrical instrument. Hence it has no option of producing sound or vibration. So, the process of trimming is peace.


  • Stainless steel curved blades
  • Made in Italy with heavy duty blades.
  • Sturdy handle


  • As this is designed for large breeds, we may have to put on more pressure so that it does its job well.

9. Resco Professional Dog Nail Trimmer, Surgical Steel

This is a professional product developed from resco store. This has got a good color combination that looks so good. This is designed in the form of scissor. This is one among the vets’ recommendations.


  • Two locking screws on the either sides for good protection while cutting the nails.
  • Sturdy handle for grip.
  • Stainless steeled clips.


  • This is designed only for large breeds.
  • The clips are sharp but sometimes nails get cracked while cutting. 

10. URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

This product is from the store of UR power store. This is excellent product that has taken all other equipment’s out of our considerations. It has got an upgraded technology of recharging with USB charging portals. Once they get fully charged you can use it for 3 hours. This has got a super power trimming technology that trims our pets nail more easily and fast. Despite all these technologies that it has, it does not produce any sound or vibration while using.


  • Super mute motor makes it silent while operating.
  • This has got three ports for different sized nails.
  • The ports can be easily removed and placed back.


  • This product mostly suits for small and medium sized breeds. This is actually disappointing. It would be a great invention if it is available for large breeds.


Every product we discussed above have its own unique features. But the best product that grabbed our attention is URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder. This is actually a great innovation that makes both our life and our pet’s life simple. Getting this to your pet will be your best step towards his wellbeing. And recommending this to someone who is with pet will be a greater deed. We looked into various products and have collected these few best ones that meet the requirements. Trim your pets nails and make him clean pet.

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