Dachshunds are by nature the kind of dogs who love hunting, venturing and playing a lot. As an adventure lover myself, I love to take my dachshund with me whenever I go hiking, running or even for a walk.

Spending bonding time with my dog gives the positive energy I need to go through my day. But as we humans wear shoes to protect our feet from harm from outside, our dogs too need shoes that can help protect their paws from getting harmed by the objects from the outside world. In this article I have listed those 10 best shoes for dachshunds which I used for my dog all these years.

Dachshunds have earned “badger dog” title and even dogs bigger than them find them to be formidable. Dachshunds have become popular as family pets, in showrooms with their long silhouette, hyper-alert expression and bubbly personality. They are excellent in hunting prays and as their body is close to the ground their balance is greater than that of other breeds.

It is natural for them to hunt preys and so they try to be as active as they can but in the process they hurt their legs which are short and sometimes prove as hindrances. Their paws need to be properly secured from sharp objects, rough textures so that infection, bacteria and germs, dirt and mud does not cause problems for our precious babies.

Diseases in dachshund related to Leg muscles and how the shoes help them

Dachshunds are prone to certain health conditions such as intervertebral Disc Disease (The long bodies and short legs of the dachshunds are the main cause of this disease. a musculoskeletal disease makes the vertebrae weak. It also nudges onto the spinal canal), Patella Luxation (in this disease, their kneecap pops out cause of their short legs), Hip Dysplasia (any deformity in the hip joint and thigh bone where they can not fit properly in the socket can cause this disease), obesity and many more. Allowing your dachshund to eat whatever they want to eat without  the regular exercise will eventually cause them to be obese. Obesity itself will lead to other life threatening diseases.

However, patella or hip issues and intervertebral disk disease can make our dogs unsteady and cause them trouble while going up and down the stairs. They can even refuse to leap completely. Simple walking can become a nuisance to your dog in these cases. Dog boots can help protect your dog’s paws and provide comfort. Even when your dog drags their rear paws, they stay protected inside the sturdy boots.

Why are shoes important?

Dogs don’t always notice before they make a jump which is why it is necessary to make them wear shoes or boots that are specifically crafted to provide your dog with 100% safety while not sacrificing stability, mobility and most importantly comfort. Shoes are extremely important for those who live in a place that gets covered in snow or a freezing climate. People who live with their dogs in or near a mountain area should also provide their dogs with shoes. Our dogs’ paw can feel the cold snow which can cause them to become sick. Shoes protect them from catching a cold by keeping their paws warm and away from the snow.

How to measure my dachshund’s paws size?

As their feet are short and comparably healthier than other breeds, not all boots and shoes will make a good fit for them. So, you need to measure their paw width and find boots according to it only. The shoes and boots that I have used for my dogs are all listed below and how I measured my pup’s paws are also written below so you do not have to go through any difficulties.

  • Firstly, you need a paper where you will take the paw print of your dog. Now, take your dachshund’s paw and press down on the top of the paper mimicking the way your dachshund’s paw spreads when he or she is walking.
  • You have to mark the right and left side of his or her paw on the paper. After that, take a scale and measure the distance between the two marks.

Remember that the width of the shoes you wish to buy for your dachshund needs to be larger than the width of his or her paw size. Which means that you need to choose a bigger size than your dog’s paw width from the size charts given for each product.

Best Shoes for Dachshunds

1. My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog shoes

These shoes come with two adjustable reflective fastening straps and rugged anti-slip sole. The stability, protection and traction of the shoes get strengthened by the tough waterproof anti-slip sole which protects your dog’s paws from asphalt, sharp thorns and hot footway. The high quality fabrics and rugged sole are sewn together. This ensures the durability and stability of the product making it ready for your adventure.


  • As it is water resistant, the shoes keep your pup’s paws dry and warm in all seasons as well as in the rainy days. Even in the snowy days, you do not have to deal with muddy or sandy paws.
  • It is very easy to put these shoes on and to pull them off. So even if you are in a hurry you can use these shoes without a second thought.
  • It is also equipped with a wide split seam opening which guarantees a tight and secure fit.
  • The shoes are made to embrace your dog’s paws with gentle care and to improve mobility and stability even on hard surface and tile floors. It also takes the nail in consideration and provides protection to the dogs who have arthritis and drag their rear paws.
  • You can choose from small, medium and large sizes of these shoes. Determining the right shoe size for your dachshund can also be a hurdle. The right size will make certain that your dog is having a comfortable time adjusting and enriching the overall experience for both you and your dog. You can either choose the right size for your dog from the table underneath or you can contact them directly and enquire about your dog boot needs. 


  • Dogs who are less than 10 pounds will have a problem with the weight of the shoes.
  • If your dog has long nails, please cut them short before putting these shoes on.

This is manufactured by a small family run business in the USA whose top priority is your happiness. They  have tested these shoes personally and perfected them for your dachshund. They made these shoes so that your four legged best friends can accompany you in your adventures often just like their two dogs do. You will also be helping other dogs which each purchase as they go into their “Paw for Paw” programme.

2. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

If you are very adventurous and go for urban walking or trail hiking and wish to bring your dog with you on the same journey to create a strong bond and happy memories, consider buying these shoes as it is made specially keeping these things in mind. The firm padding, strong build and tight grip will keep your dog’s paw safe in any tough environment.


  • You can get the right size of these shoes by measuring your dog’s paws. They have sizes according to how long (in Inches) your dachshund’s paws are. For instance, you can buy size 8 large boots for paws which are measured between 3 ¼ and 4 inches wide as the width of the boots need to be larger than your dachshund’s paws.
  • These shoes are equipped with foam padding which helps the boot to be tightened without causing any damage.
  • These are light duty boots that are ideal for running, snow, hardware floors, dog pools and indoor floors. It also provides protection to small dog paws with rubber non-slip soles.
  • As the velcro straps secure and tighten the grip around your pup’s paws the foam ensures that they remain comfortable in the Ultra Paws dog shoes.
  • This can also be used when you want to prevent your dog from licking the natural dog paw balm, soother or cream. It also stops your dog from scratches and linear tears while swimming in the pool.


  • You will need to make your dog wear dog socks for these shoes to work effectively.
  • The total weight of the item is 204g which can be heavier for some small dogs.
  • This product is very easy to put on your dog but difficult to take it off.

You can get these shoes in 3 different colours – black, red (light duty) and red. The fabric which is used to make this product is 400 to 800 D Polyester and these boots are water resistant. The price is also very reasonable compared to other contemporary boots that cost a fortune yet work average.

3. PawZ Dog Boots Rubber Dog Boots

You get 12 dogs shoes in one packet of PawZ Dog Boots. This product also comes in 7 different sizes. By measuring your dog’s paw size you can get the perfect fit without any hassle. You can directly contact them to enquire about which shoe size will suit your dog the best.


  • These shoes are weatherproof which means they are perfect for any kind of weather be it hot summer day, cold winter night or a heavy rainy day.
  • They also safeguard our dachshund’s paws from city grime. If you and your dog love to go hiking then these are perfect for the occasion.
  • These shoes are very durable and you can use them multiple times before replacing. They also work as anti-slip dog socks and provide great paw friction for dachshunds.
  • These products are 100% biodegradable. They are made from all natural rubber from rubber trees.
  • When one dog shoe is completely worn out and can not be used again, you can simply throw them away.
  • These shoes are very easy to clean.


  • You can not use them for a long time like other shoes that are made of fabrics or polyester.
  • The comfort level of these shoes are not quite as good as other contemporary shoes.

In hot summer, it will protect your dog’s paw from the heat induced hard pavement while going on a walk or a run. In winter nights, when you go for an evening walk, these shoes will hug your dog’s feet and keep them warm and dry. When it pours cats and dogs making the streets all muddy and dirty, your dog’s paws will remain clean and dry as they wear these shoes while playing outside.

4. Petacc Dog Boots Water Resistant Dog Shoes

This particular brand of shoes comes in 6 different sizes and in one colour that is black. It keeps your dachshund’s paws clean while they enjoy their time outside running and playing. Other than that it helps keep your dog’s paw warm and steady while walking on snowy footways in winter. It has cute pet paw embroidery on it which makes the product very fashionable. These shoes, though durable, are very soft and you can hand-wash them.


  • These are made of tough, water resistant material making it flexible and skid resistant. The waterproof sturdy soles ensure safety from debris bringing more comfort and security to your dachshund’s paws.
  • The wide split seam top opening helps you to put on the shoes easily and then firmly fasten the shoes by the 2 reflective, adjustable and long velcro straps. This becomes helpful at night when you let your dog outside.
  • You need to measure your dog’s paw width to find the perfect fit and to ensure your dachshund’s comfort while walking, running or playing.
  • These are made of superior PVC and have anti-slip rugged soles. They efficiently provide abrasion resistant performance with a secure grip feeling.


  • The unique design of this shoes makes it difficult to slip off the shoes.
  • These are not 100% waterproof so it is better to use them somewhere dry.

The Petacc Dog Boots Water Resistant Dog Shoes set acts as a good asset to dachshunds by securing their paws against harm from sidewalks, grass, asphalts and many more outside hindrances. The soles are brawny enough to withstand the rough playing and running giving your dachshund defence against stones, mud and dirt. As the shoes will not slip off easily, you do not have to worry about them coming off while your dog is outside. The shoes can be washed with hands and they dry naturally in the air. You can keep the shoes in a generally cool and dry place.

5. Muttluks Original All-Weather Ib to XXL Dog Boots

The soles of these shoes are extremely flexible because they are made of suede instead of rubber. And with flexibility these shoes provide comfort to our dogs which is why they also love wearing them. As this is made of Nylon exterior, they are super lightweight and absolutely best for arthritic dachshunds.


  • This product is made of Nylon exterior fabric which provides protection from hot and cold climate.
  • Now, you can let your dachshund play in the hot summer day or in the cold wintry evening because these shoes will embrace your dog’s paws to keep them warm and dry while safeguarding against hot pavement, burrs, mud, dirt, sand, ice (snow) and salt.
  • Muttluks Original All-Weather Ib to XXL Dog Boots come with treated leather soles. This makes the fit quite flexible.
  • These shoes also have self-tightening straps which secures the grip on your dog’s paws making it hard to easily slip off.
  • Even in the night, the reflective straps help you to acquire visibility of this product and provide safety.


  • This item can only be shipped within the United States. So other international customers are at a disadvantage here. However, other than U.S only a few selected countries will have access to purchase these shoes. .
  • The price is comparably higher than other shoes.

If you are worrying whether or not your dog’s paw will become sweaty and uncomfortable when let me assure you that these are breathable shoes. Among other brands I have tried, this is the easiest to get on by far. The colour of the product is bright so locating them is a breezer. Other customers have also reported to have loved these shoes. The comfortable, sturdy, flexible, durable built is desirable by thousands of owners.

6. Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Paw Protection for Dogs

Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Paw Protection for Dogs comes in 8 variety of sizes. You can wash them in cold water on gentle cycle. Mild detergent will help clean them better and you can easily air dry them.


  • As you can tell by the name, it provides everyday traction. It protects our dachshund’s precious paws from extreme heat, cold, salt, abrasive surfaces or other snowmelt chemicals.
  • Want your dog to stay sure footed while hiking, in town or on the trail? Then, these non-marking, flexible, high mileage outsoles will help with that.
  • Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Paw Protection for Dogs comes with a hook and loop cinch trap which embraces the paws with a firm grip and secures your dog’s feet.
  • The easy fastening system and the overall design make them hard to slip off from your dachshund’s paws while on a trail, hiking or running.
  • Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Paw Protection for Dogs also features an integrated stretch gaiter as well as a weather resistant upper which assists in keeping out the moisture, debris, mud and dirt letting your dog have comfortable long walks, runs, hikes or romps in the park.
  • These shoes also come with reflective trim which permits you to keep an eye out for your dog even in a place where the lights are dim and visible tracking becomes difficult.


  • This product can only be shipped within U.S due to the coronavirus situation.
  • The shoes are non-breathable.

With the sturdy built of these shoes, you can take on any adventure you want and take your dog with you creating memories and forming a strong bond. Your dachshund’s paws will be safe and secure inside these flexible and comfortable shoes protecting them from outside harms like chunks of stones, dirt, mud, germs or bacterias.

7. Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots

The reflective stripes which are provided with the Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots help reduce the risk of bacterial infection in dachshunds. Owners have reported that their dogs love these shoes so much that they do not mind wearing them often even at home.


  • Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots is chosen by so many dachshund owners because of its affordability. The price of this product is quite cheap considering its excellent quality and material.
  • These shoes come with an unique built where it is equipped with soft fleece padding.
  • Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots are made of soft shell material.
  • These boots feature a hook and loop cinch trap which hugs the paws with a secure grip and makes your dog’s feet comfortable.
  • The reflective stripe provided with these boots come in handy when you and your dachshund are in a dim lighted area.
  • These boots also come with extra cuffs ensuring the good fit around your dachshund’s paws.
  • If your dog has any slight paw injury or you need to put lotion but your dog keeps licking it then you can use these boots as they assist in the process of healing the paws.


  • One pack of Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots consists of only 2 shoes. So you have to buy 2 packs for your dachshund.
  • The durability of this product is in the question for many customers as some have reported that these shoes did not even last for more than 15 or 20 days. This is concerning having in mind that you are buying shoes for long term purposes.
  • Customers have listed that these are shoes and not boots. But the company is marketing them as boots. This can be confusing for those buyers who specifically want boots and not shoes.

However, these cons do not hinder other owners from preferring these shoes as they are cheap, good quality, flexible, comfortable and well equipped with reflective stripes and extra cuffs.

8. Nothing But Love Pets Toy to Small Dog Mesh Shoes

Nothing But Love Pets Toy to Small Dog Mesh Shoes give you 100% money back guarantee for 1 month which means you can return these back if you do not like them within 30 days. So you can buy them just to give a trial and if you do not like it you can easily return with full refund.


  • Nothing But Love Pets Toy to Small Dog Mesh Shoes are available in 3 different sizes and it is a pack of 4 boots.
  • These shoes are made for small paws which is why it makes a great fit for our precious dachshunds.
  • For dachshunds you have to choose the small plus size which are for paws up to 1.8” long x 1.4” wide.
  • The designs and the materials used in making these boots are approved by the vet.
  • It comes with anti-slip rubber sole which makes these mesh shoes pleasantly breathable.
  • These are made for doggos who love sports and are very active in their life.
  • You can easily wash these shoes like any other dog shoe and provide easy care to keep them in shape and prevent them from decaying quickly.


  • The size limits can be a problem for some owners.
  • The grip of the boots are not very firm which can cause them to slip off.

These dog boots feature water resistant faux leather edging, high quality breathable mesh and anti-slip flexible rubber sole. In addition to that you get zipper closure and adjustable velcro strap at the ankle which help secure your dog’s paws.

9. Prumya Dog Boots Waterproof Paw Protectors Dog Shoes

When I bought these shoes, I had a particular goal in mind that is to go hiking with my dog. The design of these shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight which is why my dog loved wearing them and we had a fun outing that day. They protect against rough outdoor activities well and secures the paws of the dog from bacterias, muds, germs and many other things.


  • The adjustable tight sticky straps help the shoes to firmly embrace your dog’s paws and they stay on quite well.
  • It also comes with dual anti-slip sole which is very useful for providing great traction also as it is anti-slip, your dog will not slip while playing and running.
  • The durability of these shoes are outstandingly good providing soft comfort footing for our dogs.
  • You can choose from 7 different sizes of these shoes.
  • If your dog weighs less than 15 pounds then you should put your dog on a slightly higher place than the ground like the top of a chair or table.


  • The interior of the shoes are foamy which on one hand provides comfort but on the other hand slightly loosens the grip.
  • There is only one colour available for these shoes.

You have to put the boots on while your dog is standing because it secures the weight measurement and ensures security. Fully open the Prumya shoes and then put the paws of your dog into the shoes including the dewclaws. This will make your dog more comfortable. Run your index finger along the end lines of the shoes’ inside to ensure that the paws are fully placed in.

Our Choice

All these years, trying to find the right shoe for my dachshunds have made me try up to hundreds of different brands and products be it socks, boots or shoes. 

Among these 10, the shoe that I have found to be the most comfortable and suitable for my dachshunds is My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog shoes. The reason behind this is of course the features and the quality.

These shoes will hug your dog’s paw as if it is protecting it gently. The sizing range is easy to choose from and makes the process worthwhile. This particular brand provides shoes of perfect built everytime.

The two adjustable reflective fastening straps and rugged anti-slip sole will give your dog the stability, protection and traction which normally other shoes fail to provide. The tough waterproof anti-slip sole protects your dog’s paws from asphalt, sharp thorns and hot footway ensuring durability and making it ready for your adventure.

The price of this product is reasonable while some other shoes demand way more for less quality. These are all the reasons that drove me and my dog to stick to these amazing shoes for years. I hope the 10 best shoes for dachshunds listed above can help you and your dog the same way it helped me.

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